Thepchaiya Un-Nooh beats Hossein Vafaei Ayouri to win 2012 7-Nation Snooker Championship

Thailand’s Thepchaiya Un-Nooh played outstandingly in the final encounter of the 2012 Jubilee Insurance 7-Nationa International Snooker Championship at the Pearl Continental Hotel arena
in Karachi, Pakistan to beat the Iranian National Champion Hossein Vafaei Ayouri by the score line of 7-6 after a close competition.

The Iranian potter had a tremendous start in the final match and grabbed a strong position in the very first session with a 0-4 lead over the Thai potter. He smashed some outstanding snooker
shots in the first half of the game and gained control of the competition.

He continued his dominance in the second session also and finished with a two-frame lead at 3-5. However, he gave some clear shots to the Thai potter who took advantage of them and clinched
the match 7-6.

Both cuemen entered the arena with the hopes to claim the title as they played brilliantly in the tournament. They were two of the top contenders to claim the title along with Pakistan’s
Muhammad Sajjad and Muhammad Asif. The pair reached the quarter-final stage after showing tremendous game play in the first two round of the event.

Ayouri faced Pakistan’s Abdul Sattar in the quarters and defeated him by a whitewash score line of 5-0. Abdul Sattar had no chance to add even a single frame against him. The young Iranian
easily made his way into the semi-final stage of the tournament where he was up against the former Pakistani National Snooker Champion, Muhammad Sajjad.

Ayouri’s match-up against Sajjad was a tussling encounter as both potters went neck and neck from the start of the match. Sajjad played up to the mark and reached 5-5 level but Ayouri
managed to take advantage of Sajjad’s miss and won the penultimate match by 6-5 to set Un-Nooh final clash.

Un-Nooh, on the other hand, played against compatriot Noppon Saengkham in the quarter-final. The Thai duo had a close match but Un-Nooh was able to win by 5-4 to set up Muhammad Asif semi-final
match. The current Pakistan National Champion, Asif was in good form but failed to improvise against the Thai potter and tumble down easily by 6-2.