Scent of a woman is an outstanding family drama and one of Al Pacino’s best. The movie is simply a ‘masterpiece’ and director and producer, Martin Brest has done an extraordinary job to come up with such a terrific plot.

Al Pacino, Chris O’Donnell, James Rebhorn, Gabrielle Anwar and Philip Seymour Hoffman have all done a fine job throughout the two-hours-and-thirty seven minutes. The main plot revolves around Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell) and Al Pacino (Colone Frank Slade).

Mr. Simms belongs to a lower-class family and studies at Britain’s most expensive and renowned school on scholarship basis. Unlike his friends, he decides to stay back for the Thanksgiving holidays and instead take up a job in order to arrange his tickets
for the coming Christmas vacations.

He gets a job where he needs to take care of Mr. Frank Slade, who is blind and restricted to a separate room due to his unfriendly and cruel nature. Initially, Simms is unwilling to take care of the retired Colonel but is persuaded by his family to take
up this job.

In the meantime, Simms and one of his friends, George Willis Jr. Are witness to one of the illegal acts targeted towards headmaster, Trask. However, Simms and Willis denies witnessing any unlawful act and are put on the school’s disciplinary committee to
decide about their future.

On the other hand, Mr. Simms and Colonel Frank become close friends and colonel wishes to hire him permanently but is unable to do so. They spend four days in New York where they perform different activities before Simms get back to school to face up to
the charges against him.

As the headmaster announced his expulsion from school for not revealing the identity of guilty personnel, Mr. Slade somehow persuades him to keep Simms at the school and instead put the three guilty men on probation alongside Simms friend, George Willis.

All in all, it is one of the fantastic Hollywood flicks and certainly a must-watch film for all commodities.