Scientists and researchers have carried out a number of researches to deduce a phenomenon which has caused aeroplanes to lose their technical assistance. One such incident has never been explained.

This phenomenon occurred in Spain a few decades ago and today, still remains shrouded in the same unknowns that were generated on the day the strange events that happened.

It happened a January 31, 1978, in the gray skies and cloudy in the Basque Country. Flight 502 Aviaco Spanish company, with the command of Carlos Garcia Bermudez, rode across the sky covering the route between Valencia and Bilbao. As they approached the
airport Sondika (Bilbao), a thick, opaque cloud cover was placed at a mile high.

From the control tower were told that they must change their flight plan and head to the airport of Santander, about sixty miles and more favourable weather conditions for landing. The commander Bermudez changed the trajectory of the plane and stood at 10000
feet in the direction of Santander, in just 15 minutes would take land in the new destination, however, at the time, something unusual appeared before them.

The crew was seen as a huge cloud was formed from nothing, compact, huge and so bright that both pilot and co-pilot had to wear safety goggles to see normally.

Penetrated inside the cloud 22 miles from Bilbao airport and a few moments, all the electronic instruments seemed to go crazy. Communications with Earth were lost and the efforts of the co-pilot and radio operator to contact the airports of Bilbao and Santander
were in vain. The counter space the plane began to mark that they were upside down or, which is the same, wearing a path contrary to that actually had. The six electronic compasses that the plane had stopped working at the same time and in the artificial horizon
showing the horizontal plane, it appeared upside down.