Memo architect Mansoor Ijaz Thursday backtracking from his earlier stance said whatever he had told about the US Raid in Abbottabad on May 2 might not be correct.

“I received a secret transcript which I forwarded to the commission,” Ijaz said, adding he was not sure about the authenticity of the information of the said transcript.

He said this during cross-examination by Husain Haqqani’s lawyer Zahid Bukhari via video link between Islamabad High Court, where Judicial Commission held its proceedings, and Pakistan High Commission in London.

The Judicial Commission headed by Chief Justice Balochistan High Court (BHC) Justice Qazi Faiz Isa resumed its hearing for cross-examination of Mansoor Ijaz, the main character of memo scandal. Former Ambassador Husain Haqqani was also present in High Commission.

Ijaz, earlier on March 1, had claimed that there was possibility of military coup in Pakistan after the United States (US) military operation in Abbottabad and Husain Haqqani’s fears in this regard was not baseless.

He had also disclosed that intelligence report carried the data of conversation between Pakistan Air Traffic Control and the pilots of US helicopters that carried out Abbottabad Operation.

However, during Thursday’s proceedings, Ijaz himself put question mark over the authenticity of the information.

On the other hand, Zahid Bukhari asked irrelevant questions from Ijaz. Justice Isa interrupted Bukhari several times and directed him to ask relevant questions.

Bukhari said first he wanted to disclose the personality and credibility of the witness (Ijaz) before the commission then would come to the matter.

“Ijaz is an agent of several intelligence agencies and enemy of Pakistan,” Bukhari claimed adding he would prove all his charges. “Memo is a brain child of Mansoor Ijaz,” Bukhari added.

Responding to a query, Ijaz confessed about having relations with 24 intelligence agencies of various countries of the world.

Bukhari when asked Ijaz to name these 24 intelligence agencies, he declined saying that his relations to them has no relevancy to this enquiry.

He also asked Bukhari to enquire from his client Husain Haqqani about his relations to the agencies because he (Haqqani) had told him by phone that he read his file in the CIA’s record.

Bukhari said Ijaz had links with agencies including KGB, RAW, MOSSAD, CIA, MI6 of UK, PND of Germany, MSS of China, FSD of Russia, DGSE of France and ASIS of Australia. However, Ijaz declined to comment.

Ijaz laughed at a question of Haqqani’s counsel if he had role in overturning of Sudan’s Islamic government. However, he admitted that he had met Sudanese intelligence Chief Lt. General. Qutbi Mehdi.