The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has said the  only good aspect of President Asif Zardari’s address to the joint session of the parliament was that he performed this ritual for the consecutive fifth time.

Otherwise in his entire speech, the president distorted facts to prove that the government had performed well over the last four years. For example while he picked up a few statistics to prove that the economy has done well the real facts are exactly the opposite.

A statement issued by the party in connection with the president’s address to the joint sitting said inflation particularly of food items that is the staple diet of the common man has oscillated between 20 to 100 per cent in selected items over the last four years. Combined with a massive rise in gas and electricity tariffs, the real inflation has hit all fixed income families hard, it added.

It further stated load shedding of electricity and gas has had a massive impact on manufacturing with hundreds of industries shut down. This has not only jeopardized any new employment opportunities but actually led to job losses and huge increase in unemployment.

Remaining within the economic sphere, every state owned enterprise, such as PIA, Railways, Steel Mill etc has been bankrupted and are barely surviving.

It is a surprise that despite these bald realities the President makes the claim that the economic management of his government has been good. Add to the economic losses the huge levels of corruption and it becomes clear that this government has totally failed.

Transparency International has calculated that the economic loss to the country in the last four years is to the tune of 8500 billion. With these kinds of statistics the only conclusion can be that this government’s economic performance has been pathetic.

The performance on the governance side has perhaps been the worst of any government in the last 64 years. All parties represented in the parliament are in one government or another and are jointly responsible for the massive failure on providing either security or economic or social justice to the people.

Crime rates are increasing exponentially terrorist incident happen every day, and peoples life liberty and property are not safe. Again corrupt practices have added to the poor governance in the country. The statement further added, even on Balochistan despite what Zardari said the situation has massively deteriorated.

In fact if anything the way this government’s signal failure has been the way Balochistan has been handled. In short despite all the tall claims by the President this government has failed virtually on every front.