Nisar surprised by the confidence of Zardari while addressing parliament’s session  

Leader of opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali expressed his utter surprise over President Asif Ali Zardari’s confidence while addressing a joint parliamentary session on Saturday saying, “I wonder which Pakistan Zardari was talking about.”

Mr. Asif Zardari, who took over as President of Pakistan in October 2008 after former Army Chief Parvez Musharraf stepped down, today addressed the joint session of country’s Parliament. This was his fifth address to the parliament since taking charge.

Speaking to the media reporters outside the Parliament house, Chaudhry Nisar said that he was astonished how the president could deliver such a confident speech after what he and his party has done to the country in the past four years of their government.

“The Pakistan, that we live in, is in a state of misery,” Nisar told the media. “I was astounded at Zardari’s speech. For nine years, a dictator kept paralysing the nation at gun point and then whatever was left was fulfilled by Zardari, he added.

In a questioning tone, the opposition leader further asked “Zardari said that government did a lot for Balochistan. What have they done?”

The opposition members tried to disrupt president’s address in the parliament by chanting slogans against him before walking out in protest. After quitting Zardari’s address the opposition leaders went into Nisar’s chamber. Asked what the opposition
had tried to prove by walking out of the National assembly hall, Nisar said, “We thought it would be a big joke if Zardari talks and we keep listening to him silently,” adding that all opposition parties of the country were a part of the protest.

Commenting on MQM’s protests against extortions, the senior PML (N) leader said that everybody knows who started extortion in Karachi.