Megadeth lead vocalist and guitarist, Dave Mustaine, has made it clear by insisting that he will not perform with satanic bands.

Mustaine, the founder of the American heavy metal band Megadeth, has clearly stated that he does not want to share stage with any band that confesses to be Satanists.

“If I do play, there are certain things I kind of want to veer away from. I don’t want to play with any Satanic bands. I’ll play with bands that have darkness in them, because we all have a little darkness in us or we wouldn’t be human. But guys that are
confessed Satanists, I don’t really have time for that…I can control my emotions, because I know it’s not the sinners, it’s the sin”, Mustaine said recently while giving an interview to Infowars.

The 50-year-old, who remained the lead guitarist of Metallica during 1981-1983, revealed about the days in his former band while admitting his alcoholic problem that forced the band to dismiss him.

“It’s very cathartic, what took place. For me, from my heart, when I got fired that day, there was so much I wanted to still do with those guys. If I would have got a warning, it would have been different”

“I would have said, ‘Oh, sure, man. I want to be in the band. I love this band; it’s my band, too. If my drinking is causing a problem, I’ll be comfortable doing something else.’ But it didn’t really happen that way, and I think it was necessary, because
we have two great bands now”, Mustaine concluded.