Youth needs to show more commitment and determination during job hunting

The Pakistani youth is often heard complaining about the challenge they face to find a job despite attaining good education, which may range from Bachelors to Masters. It seems as if the employers have little regard for a job applicant’s credentials and
is more interested in the name of the reference.

Where there is smoke, there is definitely fire. Therefore, one cannot dismiss the claims made by the youth as baseless. Reference indeed plays a huge role in getting hands on a good job. However, there are a lot of young people who are simply using reference
as an excuse to justify their own demons.

There are a number of young people who end up setting such a high standard for themselves that they are not willing to settle for anything less. The youth is impatient and demand a good salary package right from the start. When they do not get the money
they expected, they refuse the job without a second thought and go back home. This would not have been too bad had there been a lot of job opportunities in the market. Getting into the market and settling for a low salary is better than not working at all.
A good portion of youth with good degrees is not willing to make this compromise.

Another thing that raises unemployment in the country is the lack of commitment during job hunt. There are a lot of job opportunities out there, but people do not make an effort to dig them out. There are more ways of finding a job than reading about them
in newspaper or hearing about them from a friend. The youth needs to go to job fairs, search for jobs on the internet. is an excellent site to discover job vacancies.

People need to get serious while looking for a job and stop making absurd excuses. While there is a huge impact of reference when looking for a job in big companies, it does not mean that one should stop looking in other directions and settle for something
less. Big people always start small and gradually climb to the top of the success ladder.