Acid attack victim Fakhra Younus commits suicide in Italy

It is quite saddening to learn about the death of Fakhra Younus, an acid attack victim, who made her home in Italy as a “civil unacceptable person” after going through the painful experience.  Fakhra put an end to her life by committing suicide this week.

Back in 2000, she was attacked by her husband Bilal Khar (ex-MPA of the Punjab Assembly and the son of Pakistani Politician Ghulam Mustafa Khar), who spilled acid on her face after they split up. She stated: “It was a Sunday afternoon (2:30pm, May 14, 2000)
and I was asleep in my drawing room when I heard Bilal’s voice, ‘Fakhra … Fakhra wake up!’ I jerked as he held me by my hair and opened my mouth. Because I resisted he couldn’t get me to swallow. But then he threw something on me. At first I thought it was
a joke. I did not understand what had happened to me. Then he left, so I ran after him. My house was on the second floor and by the time I got to the first floor, I realized I could not see,”

Fakhra was a resident of Karachi’s red-light area, the infamous Napier Road.  She met Bilal Khar, in 1998. They developed six-month-long courtship and finally ended up tying the knot. The marriage was strongly opposed by his father, feudal lord. However, the couple moved to Lahore and started living a happy married life until Fakhira was told about Bilal’s previous three marriages by his mother. She was taken aback and this was how the tussle between the two raised head.  Eventually, after having spent three years with his husband and Fakhra moved back to her parental home. Bilal insisted
her not to leave and stay with her but she had had enough till then.

Almost one week after her departure, Bilal arrived at her home and punished her for having the courage to leave him.  It was indeed the horrendous act, which changed the entire life of Fakhira. She lost her beauty and became the ugly queen of clay. The acid
melted her face and heavily damaged her body skin. Meanwhile, Tehmina Durrani, the former step mother of Bilal Khar, took Fakhira in her custody and gave her the hope to get along with life. She took her to Italy for treatment, where Fakhra underwent some 39 reconstructive surgeries. Durrani provided her great support and also took the matter up with international media. Nevertheless, her subject gave up hope and jumped out of the sixth floor window.

It has been more than a decade since Fakhra (late) was attacked but still the situation is pretty much the same. Every now and then, there is a news about acid attack but the culprits get no punishment.


  1. personally condemned the acid attack victim Fakhra Younas sadden death indeed it was the horrendous act totally unacceptable in civil society its
    I will demand the government the responsible person shoild be punished not less then” hang till death ‘ its call terrorism and must stop these kind of horrible crime against man and women . peoples who selling acid should be accountable as well and must inquire before they do make any sell or purchas there should be Law and order to control this business .
    PTI condemn these kind of act .

  2. First they need to ban the sale of Acid to public, only people licensed should get it and a tracking system be in place to track the use and inventory.

    Secondly, the penalty for throwing acid should be hanging, plain and simple public hanging or as they do in Saudi – just cut their necks with a sharp sword in public starting with Bilal Khar.

    Finally, I must ask the victims to take revenge, throw acid on the faces of the men who throw it on you, then the men will learn and wake up.

    Fakhra should have thrown acid on Bilal Khars cowardly face instead of committing suicide. Let him feel the same pain…..why die in vain?

  3. first of all i must say that people who throw acids on other people should realize that they are destroying Allah’s creativity because Allah has made and create people. Secondly i would like to say that they should be punished the same way by throwing acid on thier very own face as they throw on women so that they go through the same pain and misery which they cause the women affected by the acid. Thirdly acide should not be sell to every tom dick and harry.

  4. I reallly feeellll sorrry infact wrecked for poor fakahra…….May she get all the Love n care,mercy n all her “heart ached for” in this life..BUT ONE thing is undigestable for me tht she was a resident of “Red Light Area” n still was expecting 100% loyalty from a man????

  5. This poor woman’s sad life proves there is pure evil in this world. What do you call a government that refuses to act in the face of evil? Evil as well.

  6. She must have hoped to regain her lost beauty, thats the reason why she went thru 39 painful reconstructive surgeries, & then ultimately to end her life, meant she lost hope. So very sad & depressing & the culprit goes scotfree & unrepentant. Wonder how her supportive step-mother might be feeling after all the eforts she took for her re-surrection. All efforts down nthe drain.