Apple’s new beast is out of the cage and the most intimidating factor of it is its Retina Display. Now, I can go on and on for hours on new display and how it has the power to convert people from other tablets to the Apple product, and how it can lure the uninitiated public to buy the new one, but there are more than the screen that need to be discussed in a review.

Though it has been only two days since its release in the market and I know it is too early to pass the long judgments, but as far as the competition is concerned, Apple has beaten its foes to the punch. And the screen is not the only factor involved in.

Simply stated, the Cupertino-based company has taken the already best tablet in the pageant and given it the best makeover and dress to make it perfect, for the time being at least. However, to me it is going to be a long time before someone bests the new iPad, might be its own successor to claim the throne.

Just out of the box, the new iPad gives the first impression as, ‘are you kidding me’. The 2012 version looks almost or should I say exactly the same as 2011 version. Worst, it is a hair’s breadth thicker and feather’s weight heavier than the last such commodity out of the Cupertino head quarters. But its only visible if you want to crack a Vernier Calliper or a critical balance to see the difference.

That being said, once you switch the new iPad on, all that I have just said vanishes into thin air. Just wait until the whopping screen turns on. It might make weak hearted cry a little bit; they might also shed some tear.