Another advantage of iPad with 4G is the added capability of assisted GPS (A-GPS), allowing users to accurately pinpoint their locations on a map and take advantage of navigation and location-aware apps. The Wi-Fi-only models of the iPad can use rudimentary Wi-Fi hot-spot triangulation techniques to guess locations, but are much less accurate and consistent.

And last but not the least, gaming, for which it is mostly purchased. Though it can never be the equivalent of Sony PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS because of the missing keys and joysticks. The new device however, beats them all in the screen resolution. Whether it’s a simple round of Scrabble or an intense romp through Grand Theft Auto 3, the iPad’s combination of Retina Display and quad-core graphics processor add up to a dramatic improvement for gaming.

Even your old games will look and perform better on the new iPad. It’s not like the old days when games designed for the original iPhone had to be stretched and deformed to fill the iPad’s screen. Games that look great on the iPad 2, such as Cut the Rope, Infinity Blade, and Fruit Ninja, look as though they’ve had a haze cleared from the screen. I’m sure there’s some resolution scaling involved, but there were no visible artifacts that we could pick out. Everything just looks smooth and crisp.