Faryal Shah
Faryal Shah has become synonymous for Hindu rights given the proportion her case has assumed both inside court and out.


Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar wants Pakistan and India to have better relations because it would be beneficial for both.
Pakistani art students of National College of Arts (NCA), Rawalpindi Campus, helped spread the excitement of the London 2012 Games onto the roads of Rawalpindi by painting one of their buses using traditional Pakistani ‘truck art’ to celebrate the Olympics and the connections between UK and Pakistan.
CIA-operated drones resumed sorties in Pakistan’s tribal regions. On Tuesday, two strikes by US pilot-less aircraft in South Waziristan Agency killed at least 15 suspected militants, officials said.



















  1. Done is a sign of brutality, if we study the American history which is full of brutality and terrorism all over the world.

    This history is repeated in the Pakistani tribal areas with the help of present Pakistani govt.

    We the tribal masses strongly condemned this barbaric action of the American and Pakistani govt