The company recently changed its policy for unlimited data users. To curb heavy usage, it slows down users who consume more than 3GB of data per month. But people with faster 4G LTE service, it has increased that limit to 5GB. After that, 4G LTE users will also be slowed.

Similarly, Verizon Wireless is now offering a special promotion for customers with 4G LTE devices. Instead of getting only 2GB of data for $30 a month, it’s offering a deal in which subscribers with 4G LTE smartphones can get 4GB of data for $30 a month.

The reason why 4G is cheaper to the carriers is that the network infrastructure is already in place and the only thing needed to deploy is the transmitters with greater power to send and receive heavier data packets.

The consumers however, need a truly unlimited supply of data to their handhelds if the speed reaches the maximum of 1 Gbps. The smartphones have become more sophisticated and more agile then just the usage of Facebook and Twitter apps. The trend of watching YouTube on smartphones and tablets is getting its feet planted into the US tech culture. These devices are also a current source of audio streaming while on the go, especially when attached to a vehicle stereo system. Therefore, the data caps do not make a lot of sense to them.

On the other hand, the carriers’ hands are also tied as the wireless data services have more deterioration on the way and the number of users is increasing exponentially. There might not be enough hay to feed the hoard. That is the main reason why these data caps are in place.