James Magnussen hopeful of winning 50m freestyle gold at the 2012 London Olympic Games

The 20-year-old Australian James Magnussen won the national title of 50m freestyle at the 2012 Energy Australia Swimming Championships and he has become the top hope of Australian team for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

After clinching national title of the shortest freestyle discipline with an effort of 21.74 seconds, James ‘the missile’ Magnussen is pretty confident that he can dominate the event at the London Games. Not to mention, he was surprised with his pace in both
the 100m and 50m event but was extremely contented with his accomplishments.

He expressed that he enjoyed sprinting his way to the finishing wall in 50m event.

“I think that time is actually thereabouts for a medal internationally. We won’t focus on it directly. But I’ll certainly be confident going into that event in London. I’m really surprised … I’m not exactly sure where the speed is coming from, but I’m
glad to have it,” Magnussen said.

Eamon Sullivan stood second in the event as he posted a time of 21.92 seconds and was successful in securing his spot in the Australian team to the London Games.

Sullivan was also very happy to seize his berth to London in the individual event and said, “I have got out of the funk that I was in for the last three years. The last three years, the only thing that has got me through all those injuries and all the setbacks
and time out of the water and the disappointing results is the thought of London.”

“This is the hardest part of the Olympic preparation, if you don’t perform here you don’t get to go. Once you get over there, whilst it’s still nerve wracking to get up there and race, it’s nowhere near as nerve wracking as getting up to face elimination.
It should be a lot easier come London,”

Sullivan finished fourth in the 100m freestyle event and has secured his place in the Australian 4*100m freestyle relay team but he was more delighted with his effort in the 50m discipline.