The renowned British-American musician, Slash, has denied that Guns N’ Roses will be performing at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Furthermore, despite being voted into the Rock and Roll of Fame, the 46-year-old guitarist has insisted that he has no plans to
attend the event.

“And we’re not playing. I would imagine that they asked us to play but I know that we’re not playing. We’ve been thinking about this for a while — if all five GNR alumni actually assemble in such a small place at one time, is the crowd really going to let
them get away with not playing together?”

The guitarist also reveals that his trademark top hats are the about the only type of high society clothing he likes, complaining about the event’s dress code, “It’s a formal, I hate formals. Again, not to second-guess a legend, but we’ve gotta think they’d
let him in regardless of how he dressed, right?”

Slash has worked with many artists including the late Michael Jackson and the renowned Velvet Revolver.