Samsung showcased the new Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. Though the company was touted to introduce quad-core and next generation whoppers at the event, most of smartphones that emerged at Samsung’s place were mid-ranged. Galaxy S Blaze 4G was one of the many that the company announced.

Now that the phone has shored up in the consumer market, its specifications have revealed the true zeal to capture the market. Considering the aesthetics of the handset, it is expected that the phone might gouge a big chunk of market share from the likes of its siblings as well.

With a 4-inch screen (3.97 inches to be exact) the phone might be look diminutive in the hoard that hosts big animals like HTC One X, to be released, and Samsung Galaxy Note. However, the screen size aside, the phone is shows no signs of a mid-ranged phone if we compare it with the 2011 and early 2012 models. The phone has most of the general specifications of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy model, Galaxy Nexus. Other than the operating system, there are not many differences between the two siblings. Galaxy Nexus has Ice Cream Sandwich, whereas Galaxy S Blaze has 4G. Both are 4G capable, generally speaking; both have 5-mega pixel camera and a dual-core processor.

Still the whopping aspect is in the details. S Blaze, with all its glory is available for $150 on a contract with T-Mobile USA. However, the 4G services are included in the contract.