The call quality might be called the Blaze’s strong forte as the phone transmitted clearer sound when you put $150 into the equation. The speaker phone works well too. However, the other end had some complaints about the echo of the sound. Maybe, that is a drawback users might have to bear if they want a dual-core smartphone in $150.

The speakerphone is neither loud nor mute. Its default volume is perfect to have a conversation indoors. However, the phone still has echo because of orientation of the speakers on the outside. When placed on the desk with screen up, the phone produces an echo, which is not bother at all but if you want to crank decibel metres, there you have the fact to conduct a research on.

With the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, you’re looking at a solid midrange Android smartphone that packs a punch, and has a reasonable initial price tag. T-Mobile customers wouldn’t go wrong with the handset, especially if they don’t want to pay top dollar, but it isn’t for those looking for the cutting edge.

However, if someone can wait a little longer, there are a number of new mid-range phone coming at the end of first half of 2011 from the likes of Samsung and HTC. Even more are expected to rise in the latter half with Intel’s system-on-chip processors as well. Though, Blaze 4G is a good bargain for the buck spent, the holes it leaves behind in certain area are expected to be filled in upcoming handsets.