In 1957 Ford produced the paradigm of vehicle with more design bugs than uses. Its 
name was 
Edsel Ford .
The Ford Edsel the doors do not close tightly, the trunk and hoods did not open, the batteries are discharged, the horns would be stuck, hubcaps fell off, the paint is cracked, the transmission broke, the brakes failed and the switches do not
could be activated not by force of three people together. 
The Edsel also consume too much gasoline and had a terrible power.
That is, Murphy’s Law was in the form of car.
But the problems did not end there of the Ford Edsel. It was also one of the largest and most luxurious cars ever built, just at a time when people claiming less ostentatious cars and utility vehicles. 
So the Ford Edsel was not a good business idea. Or, as summed up the magazineTime :
It was a typical case of the car less suitable for the market less desirable in the wrong moment.
Or as Stephen Pile says in the book of heroic failures :
Although it was unpopular from the start, the car’s popularity waned. A business report of the time compared the Edsel sales chart with a ski terribly dangerous. He added further that there had been only one case of theft of an Edsel, it was known.
The Edsel is highly coveted by collectors because of its reputation as one of the ugliest cars available. There are only 6,000 Edsels.