According to a latest survey, chewing gum increases various functionalities of the brain, resulting in timely responses from subjects and increased efficiency.

The research conducted at Cardiff University, United Kingdom, states that chewing gum effects the ventral part of the prefrontal cortex, resulting in mastication-induced arousal, which helps in quick responses and increases the ability of the brain to memorize things.

Gum chewing has shown a number of effects in the daily life, for example, the developed confidence in talking, making speeches and taking crucial decisions. However, a detailed research on this subject had never been conducted. To date, the only benefit that the masses knew was that chewing gum increases the circulation of blood to the brain. That maybe true but the latest papers have revealed other benefits that remained hidden under the veil.

And it may also be true that prescription antidepressants have a far cheaper rival wrapped in foil just waiting to be chewed. In fact, chewing gum seems to induce suppression of ”nociceptive responses” in general– a bit of jargon loosely translated as ‘pain in the brain’.

It has been noticed in the daily routine that chewing gum suppresses the stress at work and at home. Students have the habit of chewing gums during school and college timing to reduce the stress of studies and boost the confidence.