Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are the talk of the town at this point in time because both stars in love with each other and now they are planning to tie the knot soon. Almost everyone out there wants the two to get married except one and it is none other than India’s very own item girl, Rakhi Sawant.

The motor-mouth, Sawant, who has always locked headlines for wrong reasons in the country, believes that Saif is a bit too old for Kareena and she deserves someone better than Saif. Sawant has suggested Kareena should get married to Shahid Kapoor, with whom the actress was in love once.

According to the reports, Rakhi said, “I love Kareena and I am really happy that Kareena will get readymade kids. No, Kareena! You deserve a better husband! You deserve Shahid Khan . . . . .ohoh Kapoor.” She further added, “Khan, Kapoor, they’re the same na… I am saying it from the very first day that Shahid Kapoor is the best! He is a bachelor and she (Kareena) is a spinster! You know, I like Saif, but his kids are so old!”

Well, all said and done, one thing is for sure that the controversy queen Rakhi Sawant knows the exact ways how to draw attention and perhaps this is why this time she has come up to give some marriage tips to the top Bollywood actress, who is considered as the ultimate diva in the industry.

Kareena and Saif, who have played lead roles opposite to each other in Sriram Raghavan’s film ‘Agent Vinod’, have always remained tight-lipped about their wedding plans but Kareena not too long ago revealed that maybe she will get married to Saif by the end of this year. So let’s see when the big day comes.


  1. shahid kapoor and kareen kapoor sexy couple right for each other. SOULMATES!!!!! Give each other a second chance, love like this doesnt come twice.
    saif your too old for her and look it. YOU DONT LOOK COMPATABLE SORRY!!!