Hina Rabbani Khar says the US apology cannot compensate the grave incident of NATO airstrike

Islamabad, March 27: Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan’s foreign minister, said that apology from US cannot compensate the loss Pakistan has faced resulting from the grieve incident in which NATO forces attacked on Pakistani check post near Afghan Border and that
this violation demanded a complete re-evaluation of PAK-US relationship.

The relationship of Pakistan with US got a disapproving turn when the incident of NATO airstrike on Pakistani checkpoint took place in which 24 soldiers died.

IN an interview to CNN, Khar said, “The incident was grave enough for an apology not to be good enough. This did require a complete relook at the terms of engagement with the United States of America.”

After the grieve incident of NATO airstrike, Pakistan, as a protest decided not to participate in a conference on Afghan peace process and also closed the NATO supplies in which they were using Pakistan’s territory.

Lawmakers of Pakistan are devising the ways in which they could put the relationship between Pakistan and US back on track.

They are deriving such plans in which Pakistan will charge fees for the NATO supplies for using its routes. They will also present a plan in which US drone strikes will be banned in Pakistan.

They also want US to apologise on an unconditional basis because NATO forces violated the international law by deliberately attacking on Pakistani checkpoint.

Khar said, “We were partners for the past 10 years. Did we get the respect that a partner deserves? A partner which has lost many lives, a partner which has had huge economic costs? I think we must look at this relationship in a more realistic, in a more
pragmatic manner, rather than a philosophical manner.”

She added, “If what you’re trying to get out of me is if we have links to Mullah Omar or not, the answer to that is no.”

She also said, “I think that the perception of what Pakistan is able to do is blown out of proportion most of the time.”

Now in a few days, the Pakistani lawmakers will present this plan in which the interest of the country is quite visible.