Who is responsible for current crisis in Pakistan?

Democratic form of government is always preferred because it is widely considered the best system to run the affairs of a country throughout the world. However, in Pakistan, even the democratic system produced no good at all for general masses.

Democracy is called the government of the people, by the people and for the people. But unfortunately, the case is reverse in Pakistan as people are pushed to live in tatters in every region of the country and they have been even deprived with the basic
amenities of life.

In a country, where the shortage of gas, water and electricity and the soaring prices of things have forced people to leave their homes for protesting against the government, no one is getting even a slight benefit of democracy.

However, the government and opposition do not accept that it is their fault. Everyone is spitting on the bad governance of the other without even thinking that a layman is getting down and down with every passing day.

Instead of making progress by keeping up the pace with modern world, we are heading towards the Stone Age as the shortage of energy is affecting the industry in Pakistan and countless people have lost their jobs because the factories or mills where they
used to work have been forced to shut down because of the worst load shedding in the entire history of Pakistan.

One wonders, where are we at the moment? When every nation in the world is exploring new horizons to raise the living standard of their people, we are going on the opposite direction.

Resulting from the alarming situation in Pakistan, the industrialists or businessmen are heading towards Bangladesh and Malaysia which are quite appropriate for business.

If the ongoing circumstances continue in the similar fashion, Pakistan will be in danger as it will not be able for a long time to get back on the track of progress.

Every representative of people is responsible for the current miserable situation in Pakistan.

All politicians are busy in looting this country and their greed has no limit as they always remain busy in devising such plans that help them in extending their ruling position without even thinking the problems of people.

Pakistan has reached at the verge of disaster as there is no development at all in any sector at the moment.

The incompetency of rulers is quite visible to even those who do not know the A B C of politics or the structure of the government.

It is a time to wake up as there is no margin left to let the current situation proceed. Time has come for the government to re-evaluate its policies to put the country on the right track – otherwise…………….