Rolling Stones – 50th Anniversary

The Rolling Stones, celebrated its 50th anniversary by announcing the presentation of a documentary telling about stories, interviews, presentations, images and files of the band considered most legendary rock and roll in the world. This is the first film
that sets out details of the evolution of the Rolling Stones since 1962. The film will be presented in September.

The cinematic journey will be led Brett Morgen, whose lens captures the never before seen footage of Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and other characters related to The Rolling Stones in an unusual format, revealing uncensored stories live band. The documentary
shows the band new elements, materials recovered from the vaults and personal files of members of The Rolling Stones, Morgen catch amazing new interviews and pictures.

Brett Morgen said that "for anyone who wants to experience the band, this is the film that will challenge convention and create a sonic tapestry to transport viewers to the world of the Rolling Stones.” Morgen added that "the fans go on the road, in the
studio, behind the scenes, and witness of each member of the personal point of view, unfiltered in the legendary life of the Rolling Stones – embark on a journey through 50 years of sex, drugs and rock and roll.”

Production of the documentary will be in charge of the executive producers of the Rolling Stones, Victoria Pearman, co-produced by Morgan Neville and directed by Brett Morgen. The film will be released-through Eagle Rock Entertainment. The film will be released
by Eagle Rock Entertainment. Recall that the band was formed by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, who met since elementary school Wentworth. After a distance of school because they changed Jagger sang with Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys, Richards then joined
the group. In 1962 Brian Jones named the group as The Rolling Stones, after hearing the song "Pollin Stone" by Muddy Waters.

The first official presentation took place when Blues Incorporated cancelled his appearance at the Marquee Club, a fact exploited by the Rolling Stones on July 2, 1962, at that time the eyes of rock and roll saw Jagger, Richards, Jones, Stewart, Chapman
and Taylor. Since that time, The Rolling Stones are considered as one of the most influential band in rock history, implement a revolution in music to the arrogant attitude, the way "vulgar" interpretation, obscene letters sexually explicit, embodying the
frustrations of a generation.

The ‘bad boys of rock and roll’ are included in the Hall of Fame since 1989. According to Rollin Stone magazine fourteen songs of Jagger and his friends are on the list of the top 500 songs ever, Satisfaction, Sympathy for the Devil and Gimme Shelter.