Pakistan’s future rests in the hands of young generation

Young generation of every country in the world is considered a great asset and they play a key part in the development of that specific country.

Youngsters’ role always keeps the nation upfront at the international level as through their contribution, the nation moves on and on in the right direction of prosperity.

Nonetheless, the situation has become alarming in Pakistan as a country where more than 50 percent population is comprised on people who are between 16 to 30 years of age youngsters seem dissatisfied while remaining in this country.

Even with the huge majority of youngsters of the total population, the country is still trailing far behind as compared to the advanced nations of the world.

The main ground behind this predicament is that our youth has lost its national pride and do not even think about the prosperity of this country because a huge percentage of young people do not even want to live in this country.

Youngsters in Pakistan remain busy in discovering the ways through which they could find means of going abroad.

They are even ready to do this by hook or by crook as their only objective is to go abroad and settle there for the rest of their lives.

The young people spend major part of their time in vulgar activities and their hot topics of discussion are movies, songs, video games and so on.

These youngsters are going far away from the teachings of Islam and from the norms and traditions of our society.

Our youngsters have double standards as they always try to follow the foreign culture and consider themselves backward while thinking about the local culture.

We should not simply expect that this country could produce renowned scientists, engineers, political leaders when the youngsters are thinking something else that has got nothing to do with the progress of Pakistan.

Young people are supposed to become responsible citizens and true leaders of tomorrow but unfortunately, the younger generation seems to be years away from that maturity, which is the pre-requisite of a prosperous nation.

The growth of Pakistan heavily depends on the thinking of youngsters and the country will be on safe grounds if these young people love this country and work hard to make it an eminent nation on the planet.