Jenson Button will be looking to get the same result at the Malaysian Grand Prix as he did in Australia.

Button won the first race of the season comprehensively as he managed to push his car further away from all the other teams, his team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the same car as Button was not even able to catch up to him.

After the race, Sebastian Vettel who came in second in the Red Bull admitted that the Brit was unbeatable during the race.

Button said that the victory meant a lot to him and it shows how important it is to him. He said that previous two seasons were quite tricky for the team but the season starting race in 2012 has been exactly what the team was looking for. He said that the team and all the personnel involved have done a fantastic job and that their effort and hard work is showing now.

He explained how the race panned out for him and said that the good start he got in the race was crucial and that was the plan as well to get away from the rest as fast as possible in the first two laps. He said that the ten-second advantage he gained was very crucial for him but the Safety Cat cut that to absolutely nothing.

Talking about the difficulties, he faced during the race he said that the temperature was too low and the tyres did not have the grip they should have. He said that Vettel was on his tail but he used the DRS zone to good use and was able to break away from him.

He said that this was the perfect start to his season and he is looking forward to the Malaysian Grand Prix and hoping for a repeat performance.

“Every victory means a lot – but today shows just how important it was to have a strong winter. The starts of the past two seasons have both been tricky for us, so today is really encouraging. The guys at the circuit and all the men and women back in Woking have done an amazing job to get us here. Today means a lot to me, and I’m sure it’ll mean a lot to all of them too: it’ll make those extra hours worked in the early hours of the morning all the more worthwhile, because we know we can do great things with this car,” he said.

Button’s major threats in the Malaysian Grand Prix are Vettel and his teammate Lewis Hamilton. He will have to come up with the same aggression and skill to move on to his second grand prix win of the season.

One stat that will be in his mind to motivate him is that almost every time a driver has won the Australian Grand Prix has gone on to win the drivers’ championship.