Following conflicts in Syria, thousands of refugees have fled from their homeland and now, the numbers have reached record figures.

As many as 3000 Syrians crossed the Syrian-Turkish border on Thursday which is close to the village of Bukulmez. According to a Turkish official, this number is more than double the previous highest total for one day.

There are fears that the approach towards a ceasefire on April 10th has intensified fighting. Many eye witnesses have claimed that the attacks have increased from the air and from the ground troops.

“There are ten of us who have come here to visit our families,” explained one of them. “They have destroyed our homes. There are more than 270 martyrs in the region of Taftanaz. There are a lot of bodies under the rubble, we could not remove them, Taftanaz
has been completely destroyed”.

After the refugees crossed the border near Bukulmez, 44 minibuses ferried them to the refugee camp setup at Reyhanli.

Activists say at least 60 people were killed in shelling or shooting on Thursday by security forces, mainly in the central city of Homs and Idlib province in the north-west.

The clashes are now adding more and more urgency to the diplomatic language everyday with UN chief Ban Ki-Moon warning that the crisis will escalate further.