Syria violence showing no signs of stopping

Ahead of the ceasefire deadline, violence in Syria is showing no signs of declining and has escalated.

Government gave a ceasefire deadline date of April 1. However, despite this, there are no signs for the violence to stop anytime soon.

Rebels have rejected president Bashar al-Assad’s demand that they provide written guarantees to end their attacks. The rebels have accused the government of trying to derail the peace plan. The opposition say they will not deal with Damascus while the government
assaults continue.

A few days ago, international organisation of Human Rights Watch gave a report. In the report, it accused the authorities of summarily executing almost 100 wounded or captured opposition fighters and even civilians.

Middle East envoy Kofi Annan, who brokered the ceasefire agreement, has called the lastest escalation of violence “unacceptable”.

Homs and Idlib continue to see most of the fighting, with activists reporting the deaths of nearly 70 people over the weekend.

An increasing number of refugees have crossed into neighbouring Turkey, and the government there has opened a new camp around 70 kilometres from the border in Ceylanpinar in Sanliurfa province.

The facility can house up to 20,000 people and is prepared for a possible large influx if the ceasefire fails.