This article is a continuance of ‘The Jerusalem Syndrome – Part 2.’

Artemio Vitores, Franciscan Custodian of Holy Land, many Christians believed that the passage through life changing Jerusalem, because "the holy places put you in connection with God," but believes the syndrome is another thing, which are isolated cases

"Coming to Jerusalem is a powerful experience for Christians and Jews. And if you’re a person that comes with problems, as eloquences at all. " Scholars agree with him this syndrome, which claim that Jerusalem is often a trigger, usually those that come
are people with accumulated problems.

Treatment consists of listening, giving antipsychotic drugs if they need it and, above all, try to return to their countries as soon as possible away from the influence of Jerusalem.

Most of those suffering from Jerusalem Syndrome are evangelical Christians who come on pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the contact with the holy city are impacted so that they lose consciousness.

 But Lichtenberg, raised in an ultra-orthodox Jewish family, he also interested in the mystical delusions of Jews living all year in the city, many of them, coming from other countries and once here are drunk with the fervor dominant.

Some spend the day praying at the Wailing Wall waiting for the Messiah. Others, trying to enter the Temple Mount and destroy Al Aqsa, where they believe they will drop the third temple of the Jews.

 He explains that many Jews living in Jerusalem with a sense of anticipation that something big will happen, that the Messiah will come and that the final redemption is just around the corner. "Some patients are very charismatic. Sometimes you almost convinced.
You think, what if he really is the Messiah? "Says the psychiatrist, fun way.