Former ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani is not going to appear before the memo commission probing the infamous Memogate scandal, ignoring the severe warning at the previous hearing.

The panel constituted by the Supreme Court to investigate the controversial memogate scandal had issued final warning to Hussain Haqqani, saying it would issue red warrant if he did not show up on April 12.

However, the former envoy to the US did not attend the today’s hearing. Zahid Bukhari, the counsel for Haqqani, said that he would request the commission to not take any adverse action against his client until the Supreme Court issues final ruling.

He said Haqqani had filed a place with the apex court through his lawyer, Asma Jahangir, which was pending before the bench in which he sought permission for recording his statement via video link from England.

Bukhari observed, “My stance will be to seek time till April 18, when Asma returns from India”. He said he will ask his client if he would be returning to Pakistan.

The apex court had proposed four options to bring Hussain Haqqani back to the country including issuance of an arrest warrant, filing of a criminal case against him, seizing his property in Pakistan or holding him in contempt of court.

While resuming the hearing on Thursday, the commission had given Husain Haqqani another chance to appear before the commission with his Blackberry sets and other testifying documents.

In the meantime, the panel besides bowling out the Director General of Foreign Ministry to US Sohail Khan, summoned Foreign Secretary over no-reply regarding the missing Blackberry sets of Husain Haqqani.

Furthermore, it also directed the authorities concerned to hold an in-camera briefing about the secret funds of Pakistan Embassy in the US.

On Wednesday, Husain Haqqani withdrew his right to privacy and had officially asked the Blackberry company to issue the records of his conversations with the US businessman Mansoor Ijaz.

He signed the No Objection Certificate (NOC) stating that he will not have any objections to issuing the details regarding his Blackberry conversations with Mansoor Ijaz.


  1. From the contents of this very news item, it seems that Memo-gate Commission is not proving enough time to Hussain Haqqani to submit his reply, whereas, in the case of Mansoor Ijaz he was given all sort of facilities which Mansoor ijaz wanted. The Memo-gate Commission is supposed to be impartial but it look likes that Memo-gate Commission is finally going to fix Hussain Haqqani by all means. Is the Memo-gate Commission working and hearing the case to please Mansoor Ijaz and the US?

  2. Absolute Rabbish Haqqani had all the time in the world to sumbit is reply all Pakistani court had said he has to come to pakistan to sumbit his reply. Tell me have you seen this in USA or UK where any of their national do not show up after repeatedly as by supreme court of USA or UK?
    It is people like you who has corrupt the law and court systems in Pakistan.
    Peoples of Pakistan are suffering for 64 years in the hands of these corrupt leaders and chamchas like you.
    These low life have used public wealth to bring every comfort in their life while general public have paid the prize
    No more BS come back to Pakistan and present your case in Pakistani court