Bollywood diva, Katrina Kaif, is one of the leading ladies of the Indian filmmaking industry but the quintessential item girl of B-town has passed on a flattering statement in which she has said that she thinks her body is not flexible and at times this thing becomes a huge issue for her.

Katrina recently rocked the Indiana nation with her magnificent dance performance in the item song ‘Chikni Chameli’. The 28-year-old performed to some of the most difficult dance steps and those too with the hottest silver screen hunks.

Perhaps this is a reason why many out there are stunned after listening to Katrina’s statement, as no one ever doubted her fitness and energy level.

These days the actress is putting in a lot of hard work for a demanding role in Yash Raj’s much-anticipated forthcoming film ‘Dhoom 3’. In the movie Katrina will star along with the Bollywood superstar Amir Khan, who is more commonly known as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’.

Katrina is pretty excited about working with Amir Khan but on the other hand she is concerned about a few things as well.

“I don’t think my body is very flexible. What if they find I can’t do some of the things required for the scenes?” said Kat in an interview.

‘Dhoom 3’, which is the third instalment t of the 2004 hit film Dhoom’, will feature Katrina as a ballet dancer and therefore she will have to do some exhaustive action scenes.

As per the reports, Katrina will train four hours a day for the next ten days and a special floor has been set up for her for the practice sessions.

“This is a huge challenge; sometimes I don’t know why I sign up for such roles. Why can’t I just stick to the saris, eat what I want and be happy?” Kat said.

Well, all said and done, Katrina Kaif has a huge star power in the country and she always makes a lot of people flock to the cinema.