In what appeared to be a courageous move, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bukhari spoke about President Asif Ali Zardari’s immunity in and outside the country.

While speaking to the media, Fashih Bukhari said the courts were taking up major cases that would impact commercial and political state of affairs in the country.

About ministries’ involvement in the Rental Power Plants (RPP) cases, He was of the opinion that it was fine if they were innocent otherwise they will have to face investigations. He observed, “NAB Ordinance allows plea bargain in cases where one returns money voluntarily”.

Bukhari claimed he knew how cases were made against Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). He, however, said that those cases were not being closed up till now.

Terming the weak regulatory regime and involvement of federal secretaries as major causes of corruption in the country, the chairman said that the accountability bureau halt the spread of this culture in the country by working for perfection of legislation and rules.

The NAB Chairman commented, “Prevention is more important than coming into action after the crime. Taps of corruption are open and there is a need to adopt a strategy that helps us stop the spread of corruption”

He asked regulators to improve their working for elimination of corruption, saying that if the officials faced any kind of pressure from any side at any stage, they should be saved.

In his view, leveling allegations against the government was a political tactic. One should go to the concerned authorities if anybody has proof against any government official instead of politicizing the issue.

In reply to a question, Fasih admitted that there were cases of corruption against corporations including the National Logistics Cell (NLC) and Pakistan Railways (PR).

He added, “At present, NAB is working with only 25 percent of the required strength. Some 300 new investigation officers are being inducted in the organization with the approval of the government. NAB will investigate all corruption cases on merit”.

He clarified that they will pursue the cases to root out corruption in the country, not to victimize anybody.


  1. Fasih Bukhari cannot be expected to be fair. His links with Asif Zardari through the kings of real estate mafia are too well known to people of Pakistan. He has been assigned the task of giving a clean chit to all the corrupt politicians on the Government side and he has given solid undertaking to get this job.

  2. Fasih Bukhari is just doing his job and he is doing it with full loyality and dedication. The job of these people is to make simple situation/cases so messy and complex for people to stop paying attention and finally lose any hope and trust in the institutions. These people always reply back with one argument – internationally accepted immunity. Who are these compared against? Who else are so corrupt? Any reference in the Islamic history for immunity against corruption. What about corruption of their families. Change is the only solution. And people can bring change.

  3. Aamir Ahsan Khan’s call for Justice.

    Ascertaining self-realization and persistent hard work and passion strengthens me to pursue my ambitions despite hindrances and many challenges and unfavorable scenario.
    I believe myself fortunate enough to discover myself and have been continuously following my dreams with strong commitment to fight against corruption. I never surrender myself to difficult circumstance neither I absorbed pressure on myself but work deliberately with strong faith in Allah, self-confidence and steadfastness. A small recap of my Story of Honesty is an open letter and test case to those who are responsible at Helm of affairs.

    Brief of my case : I, Aamir Ahsan Khan, who became the major source of Information & credible evidence for use of the then Chairman of Ehtasab Bureau, and existing National Accountability Bureau. I played a pivotal role in assisting Government organization to recover Rs 3 Billion from the Schon Group is running from pillar to post since the last fourteen years to get my national award, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz and 10 percent reward money as promised by the government, according to the relevant rules in force.

    I was working as Senior Manager Maintenance with the Schon Group in 1997, when I was pressurized to sign bogus bills of Rs 640 million by Schon Management. However, instead of signing those bills I approached Mr.Saif-ur-Rehman Chairman and the then Joint Secretary, Mr.Hassan Waseem Afzal of the then Ehtasab Bureau and exposed the whole Schon Group scam

    According to the intensive “Transparency” policy of the Government at that time, and according to the Ehtasab / NAB ordinance 1999, Paragraph 33A. I, Aamir Ahsan Khan the (Sole informer) was supposed to be paid the (widely publicized) reward money of 10% of the recovered amount, So far I have been paid nothing after a lapse of 14 years.
    On 19th February 1999 the then Prime Minster Mian Nawaz Sharif had a telephonic conversation with me and after listening to my grievances against Ehtasab Bureau, appreciated my stance against corruption and promised a 10% cash award from the recoveries and Tamghe-Imtaz for my patriotism to Pakistan. Mr. Nawaz Sharif personally seen my application and marked it to the Chairman Ehtasab Bureau for the release of reward.

    Documents available with “Me” are the proof that after exposing the corruption of Schon Group,I wrote numerous letters and had personal audience with the concerned officials of the then Ehtasab Bureau and NAB, i.e Mr.Hassan Waseem Afzal, Mr.Shahid Hassan Raja, Mr.Talat Ghumman, Mr.Aamir Aziz , Col. Iftaqar Rasool, Mr. Kausar Iqbal Malik and Mr.Khawar Hussan including its Chairmen Saifur Rehman, Lt. Gen. Muhammad Amjad, Lt. Khalid Maqbool, Lt. Muneer Hafeez, Lt. Gen. (R) Shahid Aziz, Mr. Naveed Ahsan, Justice (R) Mr. Dedaar Hussain Shah and Deputy Chairman Mr. Javid Zia Qazi. Every-time it was assured that my case will be dealt on priority basis after total recoveries were made. NAB itself, had also announced reward money for those who would expose corruption, but how many have received this prize money is a question yet to be answered?
    In the tenure of President Pervaz Musharaf, Chairman NAB Mr. Naved Ahsan marked my case to the ousted DG NAB Mr. Kausar Iqbal Malik, who deliberately delayed it for six years by criminal manipulation and malafide intentions: as Mr. Kausar Iqbal Malik was a tool for Schon Group for the settlement of their bank defaulted loans by doing Dubai Agreement on 25 October, 2005. An enquiry can reveal many hidden stories which took place in the corridors of NAB during his 6 years of office. This strengthens the claim that justice has been deliberately delayed and exploited for ulterior motives of people in authority.
    After knocking all doors, I am left with no option but to seek Justice from Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftiqar Muhammad Chaudhry, for taking SUO MOTTO Action. This is the only option left to seek Justice in Pakistan, as Justice delayed is Justice denied.
    Needless to say, that it should be correct to expect institutions which are established to perform a specific function to deliver their services in a timely and responsible manner, without a third party intervention, should actually do so. Why do masters of our nation’s destinies are waiting for the doom’s day to fall and Justice will be served to stricken people of Pakistan
    I want to clear it that I have no lust for money and if ever I get this reward I will form a Trust for poors seeking Justice. Hence, Supreme Court of Pakistan & NAB must act, or else justice in our country will become a political mockery.
    About myself: My ancestors Khataks migrated from Afghanistan to sub- continent in 1935. I was born in 1960 in Karachi. Primarily education taken from Jennings Convent, Little Folks,Happy Dale, Peatro and finally did my HSC from Adam Jee Science College. After doing Marine Engineering, Join Merchant Navy and sailed up to Chief Engineer. Did my MOT from UK, after starting my career on shore did MBA. In 1997 joined one of the biggest utility providers since then working on various positions. Selected in International WHO’S WHO, recently International Human Right Commission selected me as Ambassador of Pakistan. This selection was made solely on my fight against corruption. Provided assistance to reveal technical corruption to Ehtasab Cell, Ehtasab Bureau, National Accountability Bureau, Federal Investigation Agencies, Central Board of Revenue, World Islamic Bank, Jeddah. Various Pakistani DFI’S and Banks and assisted National Development Finance Corporation for the takeover of sick unit.

  4. I know Aamir Ahsan Khan since 1996, His respect for authority ends where corruption begins. Aamir has tracked down high and low-level officials through different means, at home or in the office, to ensure that they cannot ignore the victims of corruption claiming their rights.