Bollywood superstar, John Abraham, is under a lot of discussion these days and the main reason behind is obviously his upcoming home production ‘Vicky Donor’, which is scheduled to hit the cinemas on April 20.

‘Vicky Donor’ revolves around the social issue of infertility among the nation as a result to which a lot of criticism is coming towards the film. Therefore, the actor has come out and spoken to the media.

John insisted that sperm donation is totally legal in India but the people are unaware of the fact. The actor further is hoping that his film will spread much awareness among the people, apart from entertaining them.

John said, “I’ve done my research on this. Sperm donation is legal in India. There are three kinds of surrogacy. There’s commercial surrogacy, altruistic surrogacy, and there’s a third one that’s an offshoot of commercial surrogacy. Sperm donation is legal in India. It’s just that in general it’s a thing that is very taboo.”

The 39-year-old, who is planning to tie the knot pretty soon, reckons his film will be something very beneficial for the childless couples in the country.

He added, “The minute you talk about sperm donation, men will say, ‘Are you saying I’m impotent?’ It’s a term that’s looked at very negatively in India and I think it should come out in the forefront. When you need blood you have a blood bank. The incidence of childless couples in India is so high that, when you need children, where do you go? It’s a very tough emotional decision to decide whether you want to take sperm from a sperm bank or whether you decide I need to adopt children. That’s a call that parents take. The parents who want to have children and go to sperm banks, who donates to sperm banks? People like Vicky Donor.”

‘Vicky Donor’, which has been directed by Shoojit Sircar, will feature Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead role whereas Yami Gautam and Annu Kapoor will roles opposite to him.