Current moment is definitely yours but upcoming is on chance

Majority of people always plan to have a better future but they never pay heed to their happiness at the present hour and when they realise, it becomes too late for them.

Working for the pursuits of luxurious life has become the main objective of a layman and he ignores everything for this materialistic approach.

He is busy in making his future better but never satisfies with what he has got and always ignores his present. His future, which is unpredictable, swallows his present but he carries on and at the end of his life, he realises that he has wasted his entire
life in vain pursuits.

No one pays heed to those pleasures which are in his access at the moment. He continued ignoring all pleasures of his present hour and remains worried about his future, which is quite uncertain.

Life is very fast now as nobody finds the time to think over what he is at the moment and what pleasures he has in his possession without even noticing them. He always tries to attain something which is bigger from that thing which he has at the moment.

Having dissatisfaction with what a man is at the moment is the major element which creates a mess in his life and forces him to follow all those things which are beyond his reach at the moment.

Such a man always remains in search of better and better things to make his life comfortable. But ironically, he never finds time to enjoy what he gains as he constantly changes his goals to gain something more beneficial, something much better.

The current age has turned a man into a materialistic being, who always thinks about how to earn more money, more resources and more power and imagines that all these luxuries of life will provide him pleasure.

But he never thinks that his unending greed will never let him satisfied with what he gains and he will force him to get something more enticing.

We never get tired with the greed of getting more and more and we remain busy in this pursuit without thinking that life is limited and we have to die one day.

Sheikh Saadi expressed his views about these hollow pursuits in a beautiful way by saying that, “To make money we lose our health and then to restore our health we lose our money. We live as if we are never going to die and we die as if we never lived.”

Real happiness is something more valuable which comes through the satisfaction with what a man is at the moment. It keeps him happy and also bestows him peace of mind and heart.