Green-Shirts hammered by Thai hosts

Zavisa Milosavljevic’s Pakistan side weren’t able to do anything of note during the torrid ninety minutes they endured against Thailand.

The visitors were two behind going into half-time and the Thai side did not spare them in the 2nd half, confirming the win with the third.

However since the game will not affect Pakistan’s standings, it can be taken as a practice exercise, which will help mold the players into the cohesive unit and perhaps allow them to take advantage of the superior facilities available abroad.

These sentiments were echoed by PFF Secretary Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi, who claimed that the sole reason the team was on tour was to gain exposure and winning was only the second priority.

“I’m hoping that the players improve,” the official said.

“The aim of the tour is to give them exposure and confidence because they don’t perform well in international tournaments. Winning and losing doesn’t matter since these are friendly matches and won’t affect our international ranking.”

Women’s D-License course kicks off

The first fully-fledged Women’s D-License course has started in Lahore under the auspicious eyes of Tariq Lutfi, his assistant Kiran Ilyas and Course Coordinator Mr. Arif Siddique,

This imitative by the PFF aims to bring more talented coaches from the women’s game into the limelight and will hopefully help the game develop even further.

Full List of Participants:

Sheeka Nazir, Suraiya Abid, Rubina Sadaqat, Khalida Parveen, Tehmina Zehra, Anila Khan, Razmina Sultan, Madiha Gillani, Yasmin Akhter, Iqra Tabassum, Sniha Khanum, Hira Aziz, Qibtia Jamshaid, Zahida Parveen, Neha Rehman, Amber Bashir, Shamim Akhter, Saima
Iram and Hina Munir.