Soundgarden fans unite! Chris Cornell and the gang have revealed a full version of their brand new song ‘Live to Rise’ — their first in well over 15 years. The tune will be featured on the upcoming blockbuster film ‘The Avengers.’

Soundgarden is expected to release a new record sometime this year, and rumor has it that the planned May release date may be pushed back to fall 2012. The upcoming disc will be the band’s first record since 1996’s ‘Down On the Upside.’

Cornell spoke to about the album. “It sounds to me exactly like it should sound — like we took a break and we got together and we’re making an album,” says the frontman. “We’ve all had a decade-plus of more experience in writing and recording
and took a long break… so it’s very refreshing and it feels to me like the next logical step in Soundgarden, creatively.”

Enough about logic, the raspy voice of Cornell belting out, “Like the sun / We will live to rise / Like the sun / We will live and die / And then / Ignite again,” along with the mesmerizing guitar riffs of Kim Thayil is truly music to our ears.

Soundgarden are also gearing up to embark on a brief tour in 2012, beginning with their May 25 appearance at the Sonisphere Festival in Madrid, Spain.