The Grammy award winning singer confirmed that she will be collaborating with Cee Lo Green for a song from her new album titled LP. She cleared the rumours and admitted that there is one song which will feature Cee Lo also.

Christian Aguilera and Cee Lo Green are both judges of ‘The Voice’, which is a successful singing competition aired on NBC. The show is currently running its second season and the judges are busy in mentoring their respective teams.

Aguilera claimed that she is very excited on the prospect of recording a song with fellow artist Cee Lo Green and revealed that the song will be called ‘Make the World Move’. She hailed Green as a natural artist and admitted that the collaboration will be huge.

“I’m excited about recording with Cee Lo. The song is called ‘Make The World Move’ and it’s fun, positive and full of life. I’m just excited to share the stage with Cee Lo because we both get off on production and dancers and having all fun elements about being on stage and being a performer. The two of us together joining forces is going to be huge,” she was quoted as saying in an interview.

The singer added that she will not compromise on quality for her new album and is confident of its success. She admitted that she is excited about the seventh record and is hopeful that it strikes a chord with the audience.

“It’s quality not quantity. I don’t like to just get songs from producers. I like them to come from a personal place. It’s going to be great. I’m very excited. It’s fun, exciting, introspective. It’s great,” she concluded.