In Flames are currently touring nonstop in support of their latest record ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading.’ They kicked off the year with a co-headlining tour with Trivium.

In a recent exclusive chat with frontman Anders Friden, he revealed that his sweet tooth doesn’t take a break while he is on the road and that when he isn’t touring he loves to golf and cook.

When we asked what is one thing he needs to bring with him on tour, with the exception of electronics, he humorously responded “Oh f—k that’s the only thing I bring. Swedish candy I have to have because the candy you have over here sucks. [Laughs] He reveals,
“Sometimes we stop into Ikea just to get our fix.”

When he isn’t rocking out on the road, he says that he his favorite pastime is golfing. “I love it, it’s such a high escape from all this, it’s just me and my friends and me and the ball and my clubs, just walking around for a couple of hours. It’s super
nice, a kind of meditation for me,” says Friden.

He goes on to explain, “I love to cook and I love to play golf, that’s meditation for me.” When we inquired about what his specialty was in the kitchen, he said, “Oh anything, stews or barbeque in the summer when it’s nicer weather in Sweden and I love everything
including seafood and stuff like that. I just open the fridge and play with it.” His love of food is no surprise as his In Flames bandmates guitarist Peter Iwers and bassist Bjorn Gelotte opened up their own restaurant called ‘2112’ in Gothenburg, Sweden last