In quite a blatant decision, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered that Rinkal Kumari, Dr Lata and Asha Kumari, the Hindu women who allegedly forcefully converted to Islam and marry Muslims, be released and allowed to decide they wanted to go either with parents or husbands.

A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvez allowed the girls, Faryal Shah (Rinkle Kumari), Hafsa Bibi (Dr Lata) and Haleema Bibi (Asha Kumari) to decide by themselves about their future.

The bench also directed police to provide security to three newly converted Muslim women. The three women appeared before the court, which asked them to register their statements to the Supreme Court Registrar in the absence of their lawyers.

The girls are being taken to the Registrar Office where they will announce their decision.

The court ruled that the police officials will be blamed for negligence in case of any harm faced by the girls, adding that the girls were old enough to make the right decisions themselves.

In order to give them time to decide their future without any pressure, the court had earlier sent Faryal (Rinkal Kumari) and Hafsa (Dr Lata) to a shelter home called Panah.  The bench was hearing a constitutional petition filed by the Pakistan Hindu Council.

Dr Ramesh Kumar, patron-in-chief Pakistan Hindu Council, had moved the petition asking for recovery of three females belonging to the Hindu community, including Rinkal daughter of Nandlal (Mirpur Mathello), Dr Lata daughter of Dr Ramesh (Jacobabad) and Asha (Larkana).

Faryal has maintained that she was neither kidnapped, nor converted or married forcibly.

She said she converted to Islam and married of her free will, and that nobody pressurized her into doing so. However, her family has alleged that she was abducted and forced to convert and marry.

Relatives of the three women kept making noise outside the court.  Several NGOs have been accusing religious elements of forced convergence of Hindus in Sindh.

The Supreme Court sought report within two week into the implementation of its orders into the case.


  1. These women were allowed to meet their husbands before appear Registrar of supreme court but never allowed to meet their parents.You can image what type of threats they have not received.

    Why CJ have not recorded statements infront of him in the the court, why he referred to Registrar? Hindu community will never get justice in Pakistan.

    Killer of Governer pujab is hero and his son is still under the mercy of kidnappers. CJ can not do any thing for this victim family, how you expect justice from same CJ for hindu community.

    I think Hindu community left with only one option. They should leave Pakistan and go where they can prctice their religion freely. Islam aslo protect miniorities and provide full freedom to practice their religion. Here talban will never allow any other religion to practice their religion with freedom. May Allah give hidayat to all.

  2. this is very unjustice!!! three weeks ago the girl rinkal kumari wanted to go with her parents, when three weeks ago girl was brought to supreme courte of pakistan she cryed in front of chief justice that she want to go with her parents, it was inough, why didnt he let her go with parents!!!! why did he sent her to karachi shelter house so that those people can threaten her that she should change her statement in the court…. ofcourse no one will want her parents to be killed because of him. thats why she changed her statement and secrify herself. every one here in sindh knows that she was kidnaped!!! EVEN IN SUPREME COURTE THERE IS NO JUSTICE. courte is helping those kidnaperes….

  3. I agree wid ur point of view Dr Hassan , Rinkal told it clearly that she wanted to go with her parents y CJ didnt sent her to parents . I knw the environment of Shelter, They people were threating the Rinkal . Infact there is gud saying in sindhi. ” Deir aahe andher na ” God will give them justice. Hope for the best .