The Indo-Canadian porn star, Sunny Leone, is on cloud nine these days and the reason behind is obviously Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming film, ‘Jism 2’, in which she is going to be seen as the female lead.

Leone, who is a world class porn star back in United States, is going to featured as a mainstream Bollywood actress for the first time and the actress has admitted that she is finally living her long cherished dream.

“I am beyond excited. It’s something that I could never imagine, thinking it would never happen and it’s happening. I am living in a dream right now, it’s amazing,” Leone said.

Many out there believe that the film is going to be all about sex since Bhatts are known best for celebrating sex in the industry. However, Leone, who rose to fame during her stint in the ‘Bigg Boss 5’ house, has insisted that there are going to be a lot of substances in the movie, apart from sexuality.

The 30-year-old while speaking on her inclusion claimed that the movie will keep everyone on the edge of their seat.

“This is something that I have been wanting for such a long time and I never thought it would ever happen and when Bhatt sir came to the house and told me about Pooja and the movie and what it’s about, it’s not what you think it’s about, it’s a very complex story that moves at a very fast pace and it’s something that will keep you on the edge of your seat thinking what’s going to happen next and different situations that happen between the character that I am playing. What’s right and what’s wrong, how I want to live my life and how I don’t want to,” she added.

Well, all said and done, Leone has certainly become a household name in India and this is a reason why ‘Jism 2’ is one of the most eagerly-awaited movies but only time will tell how much business it will do at the box office.