Deepak Mittal keen on investing in Pakistan’s energy sector

Thursday, April 19, 2012: Deepak Mittal, head of Tech Lab Auto Gas Limited, has shown interest in investing and transferring skills and technology to Pakistan’s energy sector. The Indian investor is keen on entering into joint
ventures with Pakistan in the areas of transport, manufacturing industry and energy-saving in the agricultural sector.

Tech Lab Auto Gas Limited can convert vehicles, generators, tube wells, fishing vessels, tractors and motorcycles from petrol and diesel to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which can save a hefty amount spent on oil imports and reduce
the economic and social cost of energy crisis.

Mittal, who is an engineer, was ready to invest in upgrading the filling and fueling system of vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Mittal has already met Tariq Iqbal Puri (Trade Development Authority Chairman), Iftikhar Ali Malik (Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice-Chairman) and Saeed Shafiq (Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s former president)
in this regard.

The devices prepared by Mittal and his company are being used in more than 20 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Central Asian, North American and East African countries.

Mittal said Pakistan could increase energy efficiency by 20% by using Indian technology in generators, tractors and power plants run on diesel, which would also help reduce emission of polluting gases by 80%. “The technology will
be especially effective for the agricultural sector,” he stressed.

He boasted that environment safety laws were strictly followed in India and an international-standard vigilance system was at work.

Gas kits, cylinders and filling and fueling systems made in India were on a par with devices made in European countries and in some countries Indian products were even preferred over European goods, he said.

He also called for installing LPG cylinders in motorcycles, which would reduce fuel cost by 50%. “This system is spreading fast in small Indian towns and facilitates low-income people.”


  1. The Investment of Indian goods in Pakistan proves that There Are Many More Reasons To Believe In Pakistan,, If our fuel costs can be reduced on vehicles, it would be of great interest to our country, I think this investment should be given an acting shape before a tragedy,, which usually happens whenever this kind of offers are flying to Pakistan. These are the anti-Pakistani sources,,, any way,, that is a good step.