The 31-year-old Bengali beauty, Paoli Dam, is the talk of the town these days and the reason behind is obviously Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘Hate Story’, in which she played a lead role opposite to Gulshan Devaiya.

Paoli’s full blown love making scenes, nudity in fair portion and some really wild dialogues in the film has left the Indian nation in a shock and many out there have started relating her to Mallika Sherawat, who is considered as a ‘sex siren’ in the industry.

However, when asked the actress, she said she doesn’t want to be called as Mallika Sherawat since she believes this is not fair.

“I don’t think people are not calling me that, the press is. I don’t want to be anybody and neither would anybody want me to be someone else,” she said.

Mahesh Bhatt, who has produced the movie, is known best for celebrating sex in his movie but this time he has taken everything to a whole new level as a result to which much criticism is also coming towards the movie. Paoli’s bare back poster is especially being pointed out in Kolkata.

Nevertheless, the actress is completely unfazed with all the noises revolving around her as she believes she has only done what the directors said her to do and it was all professional.

She added, “When I spoke to Vikram, what I really liked about the film was the script, the vision, this character is so powerful. It’s the story of the power of a woman, and it’s glamourous and stylized. Plus girls around the world are always bolder than men. They have such strong will power and determination.”

“I’ve nothing to say against the law. Censorship is a call that my director and producers will take. I have done my job as an actor. I feel the content of a film determines the poster design. One can’t make posters that cheat the audience,” said the Bengali actress.

‘Hate Story’ has finally been released in the cinemas today and all left to see is whether if it will be liked by audiences or not.