Facebook has built a new data centre in Forest City, North Carolina, the company reported  earlier today. According to the posting, the facility is the most energy efficient among the host of data centres it owns and operates.

According to the statistics posted, the Forest City data centre is expected to consume  a projected power usage effectiveness (PuE) measurement of 1.06 to 1.08, which for any business is very low and efficient. A typical data centre has an average consumption of 1.8, which means that for every 1.8 watts in at the utility meter, only one watt is delivered out. Facebook’s Prineville, Oregon-based data centre also consumes around the same amount of energy to serve the users.

The addition of a new data centre is to facilitate 846 Million users around the world, who access and store billions of photos, videos, songs and statuses on the website. For a technologically novice, the comments on statuses also consume bits and bytes, though in small amounts, but piled up so from all over the world, they become terabytes of data every day.

The Forest City-based centre is unique in many ways, in addition to being energy efficient. First, it uses state-of-the-art v2 Open Compute Project Web servers, powered by first-in-use Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors.

Second, it is located “in an environment where temperature and humidity conditions are considered to be outside the range of typical data center operations,” Facebook said.

The Forest City data center took 16 months to build, with nearly 2,000 people working on it for more than 1.2 million hours, the company said.

This is a great step from the company to think ahead of the initial public offering that is expected to roll out in the summers, May or June. The launch of a new data centre will certainly serve the Facebook users in an efficient way, earning them the points to build up confidence in stock market.