A mid-air explosion led Bhoja airline plane to crash that was flying at speed 500KM per hour, an initial investigation report compiled with information received from air traffic control tower.

According to the report, when the speed caused the fuel tank to burst, leading a mid-air explosion and scattering debris for mile around.

The jet was flying at 200 feet height three minutes before it crashed near Chaklala air-base. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials said the flight Boeing B-4 213, which was in landing position, should have been at 1,500 to 1,700ft above ground.

The crashed plane was 10 kilometers away from the Islamabad runway, considering this it was flying too low and too fast to make the landing.

The preliminary report claimed that pilot of the ill-fated aircraft informed the control tower just three minutes before the crash that he had lost control over the plane.

The report said that the last words the co-pilot said to air traffic control were “I have lost control of the plane”, after which they lost contact with the plane at around three minutes before crash.

The initial report was not made with information from the black box and was just a result of initial investigations conducted based on the conversation between pilot and officials in the control tower.

The passenger plane travelling from Karachi to Islamabad carrying 118 passengers and nine crew members came hurtling down towards the outskirts of Rawalpindi at 6:46pm on Friday evening. Among the passengers were five infants, six children and 68 women.

The Boeing 737-200 was 28 years old and had been bought on dry lease from a South African company.

Bhoja Air was one of the first private airlines to set up in Pakistan after the country’s skies were opened up beyond the national flag-carrier Pakistan International Airlines in 1993.

It began domestic operations in the 1990s and ran international flights as far afield as the United Arab Emirates, but had its license suspended in 2000 after failing to pay dues to CAA.


  1. It can be activation of jamming devices.. covering islamabad air and space to safeguard President House and the American embassy.. false sensing of threat or malfunction what ever, just like what happened with the blue air poor bird…. experienced pilots forgot how to control at landing????