Heikki Kovalainen is looking forward to his race in Shanghai.

Kovalainen said that after the back-to-back Australian and Malaysian Grands Prix, now he is looking forward to the Chinese and Bahrain races.

He added that Bahrain is going through some turmoil and there is no clear picture whether the race will go ahead or not but he is not that much concerned about it at the moment as he remains focussed at China for the time being.

Bahrain GP is again under some threat as the civil unrest and rioting has risen over the span of a few days. The situation is much like 2011 when the race was eventually called off. This year F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone is confident of going ahead with the race, but a clear picture of whether it will go ahead will only be revealed in the final days prior to the race.

Kovalainen talked about the team strategies for Shanghai and said that it is a very good track and is mix bag of everything. The team will look to strategise according to the track and weather conditions.

“When we do get back out it will be in Shanghai at one of the pretty standard modern tracks. It’s a mix of low and medium speed corners, a very long straight with a tight corner at the end that provides a natural point to overtake, and a couple of tight fiddly bits you never quite feel like you get completely right. It’s not too hard on the brakes but you need to get the car stable under braking so you can really attack into each braking zone, and you need good traction,” he said.

He added that the track has some slow corners and good traction will be required to be able to do well on those corners and put pressure on the cars ahead and around. The key corners are 11, 12 and 13. The speeds in the straights is also going to be important if the team can get these things right then there is a good chance to put up a good fight.