Jenson Button says that he has faith in FIA’s decision of holding the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Bahrain has been a hot bed for political rioting in the past few weeks, but the issue has remained for over a year now. The anti-government demonstrations caused the Bahrain GP to be cancelled in 2011 and a much similar situation was shaping up for the current year as well.

Formula 1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone and the Bahrain GP organisers stuck to their support for the event and the race is now going to take place as scheduled on Sunday April 22nd 2012.

Protesters recently invaded the Formula 1 Bahrain GP cultural exhibition and visitors of the exhibition had to run to the streets to avoid being injured in the crossfire of the Security Police and the protesters.

Ecclestone maintains that there are several different issues around the globe with most of the countries in the world and Bahrain is one of them. The true reality though seems different than sketched by the F1 Supremo as violent riots can be dangerous for people involved with F1.

Recently Force India engineers were involved in a bomb threat, luckily no harm was done, and the team was brought to safe ground. Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg was not happy at the incident and expressed his disappointment by saying that he is not a politician and does not know how these things work but this incident should not have happened and this kind of scare should not be playing in the minds of the drivers or anyone else involved.

Button though is one of the few who have expressed their approval of the race to go ahead.

“I trust in the FIA that they know all the information – I don’t personally – so we have to trust in their decision. I don’t think they will want to put us at risk. They do a lot on safety for drivers, in terms of the circuits and the cars and what have you, and that’s a priority for them. So I believe in their decision. If everything is straightforward and nothing happens, it’s not even going to be in the back of my mind at all,” he added.