Dialogues should be the way to resolve all issues with India: PM Gilani

Islamabad: (Monday, April 23, 2012) Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani here today said that all issues with India, including that of Kashmir dispute and withdrawal of troops from Siachen should be resolved through dialogues.

Speaking at a conference, the PM said, “I strongly believe that better sense will prevail on both sides and we will resolve these issues through dialogue”.

Recalling the time when he assumed his office back in 2008, Gilani said that Pakistan’s relations with India, Afghanistan and Iran were not satisfactory.

However, he said, under his leadership, Pakistan endeavored for normalization of relations with its immediate neighbors, with India in particular, and met Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at an international summit and stressed
for pursuing the policy of dialogue.

Gilani said that during his meetings with Singh, it was agreed that all the issues, including Kashmir, Sir Creek, Siachen, terrorism and water disputes, could be resolved through political will.

PM said that unlike others, PPP has led the country democratically.

Deliberating on Pakistan’s role in the war against terrorism, Gilani said that the country had to bear a loss of one billion rupee in one last year.

The PM was of the view that era of war had come to an end and now solutions to all the problems existed in the formulation of efficient foreign policy.