Ferrari vows to up the ante in the development of F2012.

Ferrari have been hampered by a technically faulty car, leading the team’s technical director Pat Fry to go on to say that the car might find it difficult to get podium finishes.

Although Ferrari has been successful enough to score a Grand Prix in at the Malaysian Grand Prix but it the win was heavily dependent on weather conditions and some very skill full driving from Fernando Alonso.

The win does not hide the problems Ferrari faces with the car and during the Chinese Grand Prix it was once again evident that Ferrari was unable to match up to the leaders of the grid. Alonso finished 9th in and his team-mate Felipe Massa finished with 14th place finish. It was the third pointless race in a row for Massa who has been struggling since the 2011 season and the complex car has put even more burden on the Brazilian.

“The result does not represent the car’s true potential in race configuration but we have to accept it,” he said after the race. “We lack performance, we know it, but there is no point in beating ourselves up over it: rather we need to concentrate all our efforts on improving car performance.”

“Next week in Bahrain we won’t have any particularly significant updates, so we cannot expect a miracle: we must try and squeeze the maximum out of what we have to work with,” he added.

Ferrari tweaked the car with five updates for the Chinese Grand Prix hoping to close in the gap with the leaders, but it is clear that the car still lacks the pace to match up and team boss Stefano Domenicali admitted that the team will need to work twice as much to get the results they need.

Domenicali said that Ferrari will look to race defensively but will remain in contention for the world title and the championship is still wide open.

The next destination is Bahrain Grand Prix scheduled for April 22, 2012. It will interesting to see who gets the highest accolades at Sakhir as there has been a different winner for each Grand Prix so far.