Pakistan heavily depends on the contribution of youngsters

The young generation is always considered the asset of a country and it plays a primary role in the development of that country.

The role of the young people always keep the nation upfront at the international level as through their contribution, a country moves on and on in the right direction of prosperity.

Nonetheless, unfortunately the situation is not that optimistic in Pakistan, a country where more than fifty percent population is comprised on people who are between 16 to 30 years of age.

However, despite this huge majority of the total population, the country is still trailing far behind as compared to other super nations of the world.

The main reason behind this dilemma is that our youth has lost its national pride and do not even think about the prosperity of this country because a huge percentage of young people do not even want to live in this country.

These youngsters always remain busy in discovering the ways through which they could find means of going abroad.

Youngsters are even ready to do this by hook or by crook as their only objective is to go abroad and settle there for the rest of their lives.

They spend major part of their time in vulgar activities and their hot topics of discussion are movies, songs, video games and so on. They are going far away from the teachings of Islam and from the norms and traditions of our society.

These youngsters have adopted double standards as they always try to follow the foreign culture while living in a society where traditional norms are completely against that foreign culture.

If young people of this country always remain busy in such vain activities, how can we expect that this country could produce renowned scientists, engineers, political leaders?

Today’s youngster is expected to become the leader of tomorrow but unfortunately, the younger generation seems to be years away from that maturity, which is the pre-requisite of a prosperous nation.

The progress of Pakistan heavily depends on contribution of young generation. If the youngsters realise their importance and start acting accordingly then this country will find a prosperous track.