The culture of reading books has changed since the advent of e-readers. The readership of paper-based books has now decreased mainly due to the introduction of e-readers, thanks to Amazon, and tablets, thanks to Apple. Though the readership on the whole has not been dented, per se, it has rather increased in the recent years. The two big A’s (Amazon and Apple) have thoroughly changed the culture of reading books.

However, in the category of e-readers, still Amazon and Barnes and Noble reign the streets. Amazon has been the inventor of such technology, solely dedicated to book reading on an LCD screened slate. Moreover, the company has also provided the users with a supporting ecosystem that provides applications and products from books to movies to music. Its Prime membership has been the most intimidating feature to the competition.

On the other hand, Barnes and Noble, though their entry was late to the market, have provided its readers with less expensive books, on every topic in the world. Its devices range from e-ink e-readers to colour screen tablets but a recent innovation to the Nook Simple Touch has ushered the company in the elite of e-reader vendors.

The following list sports the top six tablets trending all over the world and not very surprisingly it only includes two vendors, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This list is segregated into to categories, e-ink and colour devices.

Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

The 7-inch e-ink-based tablet from one of the largest book sellers has now gone one notch up. The e-readers that boast e-ink as a mode of display have always had a big flow in them, inability to display the text in the dark. However, Barnes and Noble has rectified the problem with the first e-ink reader with a front-lit LCD, that poses no harm to human eye and can display text and images in the dark.