What iPad has always been missing is a suitable docking device that could transform it into an acceptable laptop for easy use on physical keyboard. Although the in-built iOS keyboard is extremely responsive and beats its competitors to the punch, the need of physical needs has always been was users have desired.

Though Apple supports a host of docks with physical keyboards, it has never built one of its own with a bitten apple logo at the back. Recently Apple CEO, Tim Cook clearly negated any and all rumours surrounding the possibility of Apple manufacturing a laptop shaped dock of its own. He state that such a convergence of transforming an iPad into a Macbook Air would be comprise to the end user.

“You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator,” Cook said, “but those things are probably not going be pleasing to the user.”

However, a third-party hardware vendor, financially backed by Kickstarter—known for hardware peripherals for PCs and Macs, has built a prototype of a dock for iPad that apparently turns the device into a Macbook Air, visually of course.

The docking station boasts a physical keyboard, Macbook keyboard lookalike, and movable hinge for all the iPad versions, ranging from 2010 to 2012. The device is called ‘the Brydge’, carefully selecting the name to address both kinds of devices it intimidates, concurrently.

The Brydge project has received a initial financial funding of $90,000 and the prototype has been pitched to Kickstarter, according to the resources. However, there is one thing that the financiers are complaining about, Price.

Initial adopters will have the benefit of around $20 to $30 in the first round of sales once the device shores up in the market. The starting price is set at $160 for the Brydge without speakers and $180 with speakers.